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The Nexar | Octopart team will be at Electronica

We invite you to meet with the Nexar team while in Munich from November 15th - 18th, to learn more about the Nexar, Octopart and Spectra family of products.

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The Nexar API is a GraphQL based solution to integrate your products, tools and services. It transforms work for anyone in the electronics industry, connecting its users to valuable industry insight and bringing data directly to their applications.
Spectra data products include our free Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) report that provides insight into industry supply and demand trends, and Supply Chain Resilience (SCR), which provides in-depth procurement data to de-risk your supply chain and protect you from disruption.
Octopart’s position as the world’s leading electronic part search platform enables us to deliver high-impact solutions for businesses throughout the entire industry; from part manufacturers to distributors, EMS, PCBA, and everyone in between.